The wreck of the raft of the Medusa after Gericault, Cyprus College of Art, Lemba 2015
a construction of wood, bamboo, ceramic. string, plaster and 3 oranges

Life Model
Fired Clay
27 x 15 x 24 cm

Nature Morte I. Cormorant
No More Ducking & Diving
46 x 22 x 23 cm
Scrap wood, kebab & lolly sticks, plaster & acrylic

Nature Morte II. Magpie
One for Sorrow
45 x 30 x 20 cm
Scrap wood, kebab & lolly sticks, plaster & acrylic

Both of the above sculptures were selected and exhibited at The Society of Wildlife Artists Annual Exhibition at The Mall Galleries, London in 2012

Bull  2011
Scrap wood construction
Sold Private Collection UK

Fallen Pegasus  2011
Scrap wood, plaster and acrylic
Sold Private Collection UK

Raptor  2011
Mixed media/found objects.
42 x 14 x 13cm

Hybrid  2011
80 x 156 x 62 cm.
Scrap wood, easel, lolly & kebab sticks, plaster and acrylic.

Stalking Bittern  2011
Mixed media/found objects.
23 x 48 x 8cm
Sold Private Collection UK

Raven  2011
Scrap wood, kebab sticks, glue, plaster, paint and tea
25 x 48 x 11cm
Sold Private Collection UK

Gull Neighbour  2011
25 x 57 x 14 cm Wood, Kebab Sticks, Plaster and Tea
Gift to charity

Study for an Equestrian Statue
(Naked Warrior)
39 x 36 x 13cm
Wood, Kebab Sticks, Glue, Tea and Plaster
Sold Private Collection UK

Bird Girl, Metamorphosis
Mixed media, found objects.
78 x 14 x 14 Destroyed


Contented Minotaur
Chicken Wire and Cement
Great Wall of Lemba, Cyprus College of Art

Daphne  2009
Half life size construction, painted Mulberry twigs
Sold Private Collection Cyprus


Self Sacrifice  2008
Life size construction, found timber, paint and
Praying Mantis
Sold Private Collection Cyprus

Resting Warrior  2009
Selected measured construction, found timber, paint and chair Cyprus College of Art

Fallen Icarus. 2009
Kebab Stick Construction

Dancer. 2009
Kebab Stick Construction

Tea Leaf.  2009
Kebab stick construction
Sold Private Collection Cyprus

Female Figure. 2006
Fired Terracotta.

Leda (after Boucher). 2006
Fired Terracotta

After Bronzino. 2005
Carved Plaster Relief.
Sold Private Collection UK

The Inevitable Consequence of Christmas
Half life size timber, metal, ceramic and painted construction
Cyprus College of Art


Leda Found  2004
Cast Plaster from Clay. Destroyed

Girl from 1909 Maybe 2005
Cast Plaster from Clay

Fractured Torso. 2005
Wood and Plaster. Destroyed

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